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An Extra Week of Warmth, Relaxation, and Enjoyment in Nature

A week of extra warmth, rest and enjoy nature

A week of extra warmth, rest and enjoyment in nature. You've probably already read it on the news.. primary schools and out-of-school care close a week earlier for the Christmas holidays. As a result of the measure, school-going children have less contact with each other a week before Christmas and the risk of infection would be smaller. Initially, the Christmas holidays were supposed to start on December 24. The fear was that primary school children would take the virus from school to family and, for example, grandparents. Staying in the 'own family bubble' a week earlier is safer, the experts say.

A week longer Christmas holiday, many parents are not really happy with that. Staying in the family bubble even longer will make it busier at home, especially when the children are home. You may also have no inspiration to fill the extra week, partly because a lot is and will remain closed now that the evening lockdown that applies now will continue to apply until January 14. You may need rest right now, while this may seem impossible.

We have the ideal solution for you to enjoy this extended Christmas holiday in safety and tranquility. Away from home and sitting at home a lot. We have a number of nice and cozy holiday homes available for you to celebrate this longer festive period, where an extra week in the house does not have to be annoying. A week of extra warmth, rest and enjoyment in nature. Search & Book for a suitable home for the family. In addition, take a look at our Social Media accounts, Instagram and Facebook where you will find even more inspiration to make the days go by like a train and enjoy the ultimate within 4 walls or the surroundings of your holiday home. That extra week is over!
We hope to welcome you soon.


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